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What are your memories of the old WSEE building?

If you drove north on Peach Street in the past week as you pass the tracks and approach West 12th Street you encounter two perhaps out of context sights: the construction of new townhouses in the middle of downtown on your right, and a pile of rubble that was once the home of Erie’s CBS affiliate WSEE.

Now the loss of the Channel 35 building is anti-climatic since the news and sales staffs left there almost three years ago now to merge with the WICU team. However, a lot of fine people made their living at 1220 Peach Street, and many can recall special times in the facility.

For me it was a place to meet friends on our way out to one of our media meetups we had Sunday nights/Monday mornings at the Plymouth. It was the stomping grounds of Al Benedict, Steve Scully, the Sugars, Lisa Zompa, Carol Pella, Dave Price, Tim Earl, and Ray Petlin, of Don Rowe, Bob Bohen and Bob Hoffman. It was jobs, creativity, friendships, and community service.

What was the old WSEE building to you?

Poll: job prospects in 2013 for comm freshmen?

Every decade of television news was represented at the top of our poll of favorite TV anchors. At the very top was a tie between Ned McGrath of WICU and Lisa Zompa of WSEE. Ned’s cohort Hyle Richmond came in third, with WJET’s Karla Mullenax and WJET/WSEE’s Don Shriver tied for fourth.

I apologize that at the end of the week, we kept getting names for consideration that were too late for the poll. However, it was a great week of remembering the dozen’s of people who came into our living rooms over the years to keep us informed about our community.

This week we want to ask about the job market. Not today’s but four years from now. Our family has entered a new season of life as we send our oldest away to college. Although my son at one time considered following his old man into a media career, he opted for the perceived broader opportunities in education.

If you had to advise someone contemplating a career in journalism, advertising, broadcasting, public relations, new media, or corporate communications, what would you say to them? Can we even predict what the job market will be like for these fledgling writers, speakers, and designers in 2013?

On a scale from 1 to 5, what are the job prospects in 2013 for today's incoming communications majors?

  • 2: Tough - industry consolidation and massive change will have the newcomers competing with 15-year veterans for the same jobs (53%, 19 Votes)
  • 1: Poor - I don't see much future in media careers (33%, 12 Votes)
  • 5: Excellent - a communications degree gives you such a broad scope of knowledge you can use nearly anywhere (6%, 2 Votes)
  • 4: Good - Although it will be competitive, there are plenty of jobs in a wide range of fields if you have the drive to get them (6%, 2 Votes)
  • 3: OK - hopefully, if the economy comes back by then, it might be better than it is now, yet still highly competitive (3%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 36

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Blog Action Day 2008: City Mission partners with Erie media to fight poverty

Today, October 15th is Blog Action Day 2008 around the world. According to its organizers:

Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion…today bloggers everywhere will publish posts that discuss poverty in some way. By all posting on the same day we aim to change the conversation that day, to raise awareness, start a global discussion and add momentum to an important cause.

As this is a local media blog, I wish to focus my effort for Blog Action Day in spotlighting how the Erie media partners with one organization in eradicating poverty in our town.

For this special event, I connected with a true Erie media professional: Lisa Zompa Nietupski, the Director of Development for the Erie City Mission. Since 1911, created in the wake of meetings by the evangelist Billy Sunday, the City Mission has served the homeless, addicted, and poor of Erie. Since Lisa Nietupski came to the Mission from local television, she has greatly increased the presence of the Mission’s events and brand in the local media.