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And we’re back!

Note to fellow bloggers…if anyone ever tells you that changing servers for a WordPress blog is a “snap!”, say “thanks for sharing!” and plan on a multi-hour love fest with your computer.

Allow me to vent about the 2-hour backup of the old site, the exporting of the databases, the numerous trys at getting the new databases correctly setup at the new host, the rewriting of the configuration files, and hours long trial and error to make the new upload and site work.

Let me just say that I am so thankful that’s over!

So now, lets get on with talking Erie media, beginning with a kudos: congrats to all of the local news staffers who braved the iron curtain-like security, the lack of essential tolietries, and the protesting anarchists to cover the local angle of the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh this week. I think that managment made a good investement in a once-in-a-lifetime coverage opportunity.