About Press and Tower

First, about the title: this site recognizes the importance of a quality foundational infrastructure that allows for creative content to reach readers, listeners and viewers. We want to honor first the pressmen, circulation staff, web developers, broadcast engineers, and master control operators that facilitate the programming and news to reach us and enrich our lives.

Press and Tower is all about connection: connecting present, past, and future practitioners in the Erie media community to celebrate and challenge each other to excellence and creativity.

We want to connect the listeners, readers, and viewers to the traditional and new media establishment in order to facilitate dialogue and to reach better understanding of the needs and desires of the various constituencies that must be considered when producing media.

We want to connect readers to the latest technologies being released, spotlight best practice, and hold gate-keepers accountable to do their jobs better, while maintaining utmost respect and civility.

Finally, we want to have fun: reminiscing, tweaking, competing, suggesting, and recognizing the lighter parts of the job in media.

Be assured that your involvement is critical to the success of the site…so join in!