Blood War II coming

As we’ve noted before, The Community Blood Bank’s Dan Desrochers is passionate about his “turf” when it comes to raising donors for the region’s blood supply. Upon news of another blood bank setting up shop in the heart of Erie, he is facing the situation head-on, determined to keep every red drop local:

ERIE, PA – The Central Blood Bank of Pittsburgh is again holding a blood drive in Erie that will take hundreds of pints of blood out of the county.
As the ONLY supplier of blood in Erie County for the past 4 decades the Community Blood Bank, which often struggles to meet the needs of local hospitals, is obligated to inform the public about the importance of giving blood locally.

The Community Blood Bank will be holding a ‘Keep Local Blood Local’ Rally from 10-11a.m. at the Tullio Arena parking lot in response to the Central Blood Bank of Pittsburgh’s 2-day blood drive with the local hockey team.

Only 1 out of 33 adults donates, and there simply aren’t enough donors in Erie to provide for the local need and for Pittsburgh. The Community Blood Bank only draws blood from where it supplies and, until recently, that was also true of the Central Blood Bank of Pittsburgh which supplies from Pittsburgh up to Meadville.

Multiple blood banks competing for Erie donors creates confusion, adds to costs, and will affect the safety of the local blood supply. The current supply is 300 pints lower than a year ago at this time.

“Please come out and show your support,” said Dan Desrochers, director of marketing at the Community Blood Bank. “We are taking a stand on behalf of all patients in Erie County who will need blood.”

Last year, when this happened, the CBB took some heat in these pixels. We will see if local donors see the distinction of where their selfless act should be directed.

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  1. Sylvester says:

    I give my blood exclusively to the American Red Cross. I don’t care one bit if my blood stays local or helps someone out in Buffalo or Detroit or halfway around the world…but then again that’s the human in me talking.

    Only in Erie could there be a “blood war”…only in Erie.

    Here we go again!

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