Remembering Erie radio on Facebook

WJET Good Guys, August 1973

The old medium of radio is having a reunion on the new social medium of Facebook.

A couple weeks ago I was going through some old pictures and reminiscing about some of the great times and great people I met in my many years in Erie radio. With quite a few already Facebook friends, on a lark I created a Facebook group for the fun of it called “We rocked Erie in the 20th Century!

I thought it would be cool to bring some folks together and throw up some old pictures of long hair, 80’s mullets and fun memories. I’m just amazed at the response over the past two weeks!

We have reconnected true pioneers in Erie radio; folks that worked at stations with call letters changed before my birth! Guys that remember the format battles of WJET and WWGO in the 1960’s, and members of the great jock teams of the 70’s, along with my contemporaries in the 80’s and 90’s.

The idea is to bring together everybody involved in making Erie radio the amazing soundtrack to the life of our community. It takes everyone in programming, sales, management, and the advertisers and listeners themselves to make it happen. The Facebook group is just a fun way to celebrate that. Join us!

6 Responses to Remembering Erie radio on Facebook

  1. Roger says:

    Great idea, Joel. Wow…this has taken off! Fun to read the comments.

    Technically, I could join the page, as I worked one summer part-time at WMDI in 1974. But that’s not enough of a claim to really stake a claim. I did do time in Crawford County radio, then Erie TV (sales).

    Thanks for putting this page up on Facebook. I’ll be checking it from time to time.

  2. kc says:

    wow Joey Stevens with long hair, hot hot

  3. Luke Turner says:

    sometimes Sales Management takes a lot of effort and skill.,~-

  4. Ed Wilson says:

    As a teenager living on Chautauqua Lake I remember climbing a poorly guyed tower make of black pipe using large Vise-Grips as steps to install a Yagi hoping to be able to hear WMDI better.

    There sure is a ton of nostalgia packed into the photos on the Facebook page!

    The WMDI studio reminds me of a LPAM station near Rochester.

  5. Tessie Tufts says:

    Having served as Continuity Director at the following stations WSEE..WJET RADIO..WLVU/WWYN..CLASSY 100/WLKK..and WSEG..I’ve seen so many come and go over a span of 20 years..this idea you’ve come up with is just terrific!!! This will certainly stir up a lot of good memories fir si many!! Maybe even a picnic to be held next summer could be in the making,just wait until the word gets around.I just heard about it thru Ron Seggi and then Rich Peterson. This busines always will be a part of each and everyone of us. Thanks again and let the music play on……….

  6. Rick (Rutkowski) Shaffer says:

    working Erie radio was a great learning experience.
    WWGO,WWYN,WRIE had great personalities and I’m humbled to have been a part of it.

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