Three of Lilly’s ladies leave

Jacqueline Policastro

Jacqueline Policastro

It is contract time at the area’s two broadcast television companies. Not all of the talent you see is a-under contract, and b-up for renewal. However, this moment of decision-making has led to a significant change at one duopoly: Lilly Broadcasting.

The anchor of WSEE Newswatch at 6 & 11, Jacqueline Policastro has opted to leave Erie for a big-time market jump to anchor the morning news at WISH/Indianapolis. That’s a jump from DMA #146 to #25 for those keeping score at home. Although, she was offered a renewal and enjoyed her 18 months in Erie, Jacqueline says that she is excited at the new opportunities to help WISH continue their “multi-platform” initiatives.

“I will be working with the news director to help direct the newsroom switch to ‘multi-platform’”, Jacqueline said to P&T. “They have already done quite a good job, with Blackberry and iPhone apps, etc… but it will be exciting to help move that forward even more.”

Perhaps the biggest highlight of Jacqueline’s tenure here at WSEE was her regular “one-man-band” reporting from Washington, and the national political conventions for all of the Lilly stations, bringing the national stories home and relevant to Erie viewers.

Jill McCormick

Jill McCormick

A morning person who did not receive a contract renewal was long-time 12 News Today anchor Jill McCormick, who has been in the market since 1994. Originally working at WSEE, she has been the partner to Mark Soliday for the 2-hour morning show at Channel 12 for a number of years.

Best wishes to this mom of four children.

Finally, Cheryl Scott last month made the jump from forecasting lake-effect to tracking Smoky Mountain snows in Knoxville, TN (#146 to #59).

Cheryl Scott

Cheryl Scott

The spunky Ivy Leaguer (Brown Univ.) came to WSEE in 2007 doing weather on the weekends and reporting during the week. I witnessed personally when Cheryl was one of the first products of the ICU/SEE merger, as she drove up to State St. to handle vacation relief for Julie Coates on 12 back in early April, after doing the weather on 35 the evening before. What was very unusual just 8 months ago is of course standard procedure now.

Cheryl will be seen on NBC affiliate WBIR in Knoxville, doing morning weather duties. She is subbing in the evening this week and you can see her forecast online (check out the “T” built right into the seven-day; the obsession for the University of Tennessee is total in Knoxville!)

By the way, at this moment, Cheryl’s job is the only one posted at either WICU or WSEE websites. Also, all three broadcasters continue to appear on the Erie websites.

8 Responses to Three of Lilly’s ladies leave

  1. Sean says:

    I will miss these three beautiful ladies who leave Erie TV.

    Also, when Don Shriver left.
    Does this jog your memory?

  2. Sean says:

    I am also not taking credit for any video I link to. Most likely, they (including this one) have been uploaded by someone else.

  3. Bob Bohen says:

    Congratulations to all three ladies! I’ve had the pleasure of directing all three of them (I actually remember directing Cheryl’s audition), and more importantly, had the pleasure of becoming friends with each of them. Good luck in the future – it has to be better than what each of them has had to put up with for the last few years.

  4. Carol Baker says:

    I love Jill McCormick and thought her and Mark and great repore together. This is not a good move for channel 12.

  5. Rich Gould says:

    Jill Leaving? Everytime she is working with somebody, the show is that much better. She gave life to the news with a little humor and fun. I watched her with Dave on TV WSEE 35 looks like now I will be switching again to find another news source. GG 12

  6. MKE says:

    Jill McCormick was **edit**. Did her boss finally get up early enough to watch her on TV???? She mispronounced names constantly, then laughed at herself like it was funny. No, it was unprofessional. Do your homework for God’s sake. She would mess up, then blame her partner. He had his hands full trying to keep the show going through her screw ups. Goodbye!!!!

  7. Arlene D. Cole says:

    Where is Julie Coates…., on vacation? She’s our favorite weather forecaster. Her dress is modest & very professional. She gives a very nice appearance !

  8. Arlene D. Cole says:

    Where is Julie Coates?…. On vacation? She is our favorite weatherforcaster. She is very professional,both in appearance & actions.

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