For Halloween: The Erie Legends air on WYNE

Captain Dan Geary has cracked open a radio time capsule for this Halloween:

I am pleased to announce that WYNE AM 1530 North East, PA will be broadcasting the “original” Erie Legend’s program this Saturday, October 31st at 3:00 PM. In light of the fact that WYNE AM 1530 is limited to “daylight hours” by FCC regulaltions…the program will also air on line at wyne.mercyhurst.edu Halloween Night at 8:00 PM !!!!! Produced and narrated by the legendary Jim Cook of Jet Radio fame and now a senior member of Clear Channel production department in Atlanta , Georgia.

Truly a classic masterpiece of radios “theatre of the mind”, the program will air in its entirety without commercial interruption.

Sincere thanks to Jim Cook, Jason Nulph, Jon Gallagher (also of Clear Channel), and Joel Natalie of Press and Tower.

Tune in and be scared to death……

Thanks Dan for letting us radio junkies to experience “the good ol’ days!”

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  1. JimGriffey says:

    This program was extremely well done…especially when you consider the fact that none of the digital production bells and whistles that we all take for granted existed back then. I remember putting together the first Classy 100 Christmas Carol back in 1992 with an old 4 track, a very unreliable 2 track and a razor blade. You only had one chance to get it right. The “undo” button did not exist 8-)! So I know what Jim Cook went through and he did a stellar job.

  2. Thanks for the kudo’s , it is my pleasure and honor to bring “Erie Legends” back to the airwaves. As Jim G. noted, the fact that the production you will hear on Saturday was done before all the tools at the hands of radio professionals today even existed is a tribute to Jim Cook, who truly is a wizard in the world of Clear Channel production in Atlanta and nationwide.
    I owe a great deal of thanks to Jim G. for the project he alluded to regarding the Christmas Carol production…a massive undertaking but an example of the finest production skills in the market.I still have a number of copies of said production and am giving serious consideration to airing the production on WYNE. Some of the “original” cast members have passed on most notably the legendary “Uncle ” Don Kelly.

    What do readers of Press and Tower think ? Would it be in poor taste or would it be welcomed?

    I await your response.
    Once again thanks to all who have supported me over these past 42 years in Erie broadcasting. With your help I’ll continue to dance as fast as I can !
    Yours in GREAT radio I remain,
    The Captain

  3. JimGriffey says:

    The only cast member that I can think of that passed away is Don Kelly. As for whether or not it would be in bad taste, I think not.

    In thinking back on that original production, I remember a few delightful “glitches” that I couldn’t get rid of…most only audible to yours truly…but I can tell you that if you listen real closely to the scene where the Cratchits are at dinner…you’ll hear the cooing and babbling of a 3 month old Zachary Arlen. If I’m not mistaken, he graduates high school next year!!

  4. joel says:

    Jim & Dan,

    Can you imagine being afforded the time to pull off a production like these in this era? I know that our hard working broadcasters wear alot of hats and work a ton of hours, but such sheer creativity is not high on the to-do list.

  5. Dan Sheldon says:

    I used to listen to “Erie legnds”. I may still have one on an old K-Mart tape if I searched hard enough. I was just a young boy wishing I could be in radio someday. I’ll be tuning in on Saturday!! Jim Cook was such a great talent and truly made Erie radio memerable growing up in the 80’s.

  6. Keith Montigny says:

    Im so excited to learn that Jim Cooks Erie Legends will FINALLY re-air..I have been listening or trying to listen every year on a beat up Maxell cassette tape and lets face it teh tape is about done..
    The stories are great but what sells the sizzle is Jim Cooks enthusisam and the wau he can paint a picture with his words,, its shear genius. I used to stay up late and watch Jim Cooks Late Great Horror Show on Saturday nights,,, It was so campy but so classic..Its a shame Erie doesnt do anything like that anymore.. Its too coorprate anymore, robbong teh disc jockeys of any imagination they might be able to offer…SO my hats off to you all for bringing back an ERIE CLASSIC… HAPPPY HALLOWEEN

  7. Jason Nulph says:

    I’m glad to have put everything up. I’ve been sitting on this for years now and it seemed the correct time to release it again.

    I have another halloween to clean up and I will release it.

    Thanks, Jason

  8. David Stayduhar says:

    Captain Dan,
    I thoroughly enjoyed the rebroadcast on Halloween night, and even let Mr. Cook know of the tribute via email. He was impressed and honored that his work was remembered (how could it not be?) as for the Christmas Carol, I- for one- would love to hear it. I’m a nostalgic fool when it comes to stuff like that. Please do rebroadcast it :)

    Dave S , Erie

  9. Jason Nulph says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m the Jason that found the recording and cleaned it up. I found another recording from 1987 and I’m almost done with the clean up from analog to digital. I hope they are allowed to broadcast it. If you have any of these recording please email me at jasonnulph@-Gmail.com

    Thank you, Jason Nulph

  10. Jeanette Dickson says:

    Does anyone know whether this will be re-broadcast this year? My husband and I were just talking about it and wishing either of us still had our old cassettes of the show, so when I googled it this thread came up! I’m hoping someone has a recording or that it will be broadcast again…

  11. Dean Wells says:

    Is it possible to purchase a copy of this? I remember listening the original broadcast while attending EUP. It was fantastic. dm.wells@verizon.net.

  12. Gary Smialek says:

    thanks again for bringing back the Jim Cook Halloween show . Would love to purchase a copy if available . Brings back great rememories of driving down old country roads listing to the show, making the hairs on the back of the neck stand up

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